Pispiripispo. Clothing for girls


When a child picks up a crayon, puts on the skates, presses the play to hear that song or simply decides to jump in a puddle, a new world opens in front of him. His world. Every day becomes a different day. Every day, an special day.

Pispiripispo was born in 2015 in San Sebastián, an small town in the north of Spain, to dress the world of creative, adventurous and innocent girls who create, live and enjoy that great world.

A tribute to the freedom to imagine and create that accompanies the smallest of the house in each step they take, in each line they draw, in each garment they wear... Pispiripispo collects that world and turns it into exclusive collections where the drawings of Adriana and Olivia, our daughters, are the protagonists.

Welcome to Pispiripispo world.

We take care of every detail, we tell unique stories.

Each piece of clothing tells a story about how we take care of them from the beginning to the end. We choose the best fabrics for the little ones and we look after all the steps of manufacture.

From Spain, with love.

All our garments are designed and made in Spain in local sewing workshops fostering the local labour and respecting our Made in Spain essence.